How Does It Work

LingoConnect is the on-demand video interpretation service for the public and private sectors from Global Voices Ltd. Leveraging the expert face-to-face interpreters already a part of the Global Voices team, LingoConnect provides on-demand video interpretation in most major languages which can be delivered anywhere, anytime, 24x7x365 wherever there is a 3G mobile or internet connection.

Featuring single button simplicity, whenever an interpreter is needed the secure, confidential and environmentally friendly service is engaged, thus eliminating travel to sites as it gives 50% cost savings over traditional approaches.

After the necessary equipment and connection is set up on premises, the following step by step procedure is followed:

1) Customer presses ‘CONNECT’
2) LingoConnect video operator asks what language is required
3) Customer states the language needed
4) Operator securely connects Customer and Video Interpreter
5) That’s it!

[youtube QtDvoTjQ4WE nolink]

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